Spoken is the past participle of speak.  It means to be delivered by word of mouth: characterized by speaking.

So what does that have to do with living? Everything…

Our words are an inner reflection of what lives inside of us.  Our words are verbal uttering’s that reflect our perceptions, beliefs and surroundings.  I’ve used the past participle of speak because our past has over 40% to do with what we’ve become, what we speak, and what we live.  Through Spoken Blog I hope to reshape and heal the past so that the present can blossom and the life that we live can begin to speak.



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5 responses to “Spoken…

  1. Monik

    I like your blog! Keep up the good work.

  2. Spoken is becoming so much more to me. Today I spent time with one of my best friends Monik. As we walked through the store and shared our hearts, I thought this is what living life is about. We didn’t have to text, or twitter (though I love both) we chose to connect face to face. Today Mo and I, laughed, hugged, planned and smiled. Living a spoken life is about making face to face connections with those you love most and being open to healthy friendships that last a life time.

  3. This past weekend I was able to reconnect with a friend that is very dear to me in Chicago. Spending time with her and her husband warmed my heart as God reunited our hearts. As I sat and my friend and I shared I was so happy to present with her at that moment. God thank you for friendships that are designed by You and last.

    Never take friends and what they bring to your life for granted. I can’t wait to see her in Chicago again.

    Love ya

  4. Today has been a bit of a hurtful morning. I had to sit and allow someone to lie on me, slander my character and leave with views of me that aren’t true. All the while I was asked by that person not to speak, don’t say a word. Allow me to talk about you this way and walk away…. and you know what I did. I really don’t know what to say about it other than its hurtful how calloused we’ve become that we don’t care how what we say can effect another person. After this encounter I thought about Jesus and how He sat on the cross giving breath to the very people, who hit Him, lied on Him, misunderstood Him and hated Him. Jesus endured it all. Thank You Holy Spirit for allowing me to sit and allow the words to be said to me. It hurts and I want to cry though…

  5. Life really can be randomly beautiful if we allow it to be. Today at the gym I was looking at the news and I looked at all the negative oh excuse me informative things we choose to watch. What if we decided to look at whats right in the world? Would we have a different view?

    Hmmm what went right today. It rained! We didn’t have to turn on our hoses and water those lovely flowers we slaved over in our yards. Instead God did what He does best and watered them for us. Today someone gave birth to a baby. Today I finished my homework on time! Today I saw tons of people in the gym lowering their cholesterol and health insurance premiums. Today someone met Jesus for the first time. Today I laughed. Today I talked on the phone with friends and they are employed, doing well for themselves and loving life.

    Find some great news around you and brag about it.

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